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Currently, I am available to visit high schools, and universities within the Chicago city limits. 

Age Range:

While my books’ material is more suitable to older teenagers (16+), I have experience directing writing workshops and Q/A sessions with children as young as 7th grade.

Types of Visits: I am available for the following student interactions.

  • – To do a reading of my book/short stories and Q+A for your class.
  • – To do a lecture style class on publishing and book writing as a career.
  • – To conduct a writing workshop with your creative writing students.
  • – To attend a panel with other authors your school has contacted.
  • – To present to large groups of students (in an auditorium setting).


Generally, I will bring a copy of my books to pass around, activity sheets if we are doing a writing workshop, and posters of my books if required to present in an auditorium setting. I also have power points/video for presentation if the educator prefers this.

Do my students have to have read your book?

Nope! I am comfortable conducting author visits while introducing students to my book, or skipping discussion about my book altogether and focusing on publishing and creative writing as a career.

What I’m like as a presenter:

I am very bubbly, funny and open minded. I’m comfortable answering all sorts of questions about writing and about myself. As the daughter of an ETHS high school teacher, and former CPS student,  I’m very comfortable in a classroom environment. As a younger author, students often feel very comfortable relating to me and seeing my journey in publishing as a more realistic career option. I also love talking about other creative careers that your students who enjoy storytelling may be interested in.


I have a flat honorarium of $200 per visit. If your budget doesn’t allow for this, I am open to discussing sliding scale fees (especially for single class period visits). I accept cash, checks and paypal. 🙂


I am generally available M-F from 8am-4pm, but depending on need can attend weekend events as well.


Sliding Scale



Small Classroom
Large Group Lectures
Writing Workshop

schedule your

If you would like to schedule a visit, please email me at [email protected] 




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