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If you’re a book blogger looking for an interview, a reader with a question not answered in an interview or F.A.Q. or another author looking to make friends or start an anthology, feel free to email me directly!


Book Agent

If you are a publisher or editor interested in pitching me an IP or looking to start an anthology, feel free to contact my book agent!

Eric Smith at PS Literary


Media Agent

If you have interest in DARLING for film/tv/audio:

Eric Smith at PS Literary



Brittany Pearlman is my publicist, but contact for THE WICKER KING, THE WEIGHT OF THE STARS and DARLING, all of which are owned by Macmillan, is below:

For review copies & author interview requests, please email childrens.publicity@macmillanusa.com.

For International and translation rights inquiries, please email childrensrights@macmillanusa.com.

For permission to use a photo or text reproduction in your publication, please use our Permissions Request Form.

To request examination and desk copies of Macmillan books for class adoptions, please email academic@macmillan.com or fax to 609-409-0298. Desk copies of adopted titles may also be ordered online.

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